Rant Are Our Bones

by Boolean Operators

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released August 22, 2015

All songs* written by Jon Schiedermayer and Shannon Williams

Williams: vocals, guitars, synths

Schiedermayer: vocals, guitars, synths, drums/percussion, saxophone mixing/mastering

*Dan Craig contributed lyrics to "How To Live Forever"



all rights reserved


Boolean Operators Wisconsin

Boolean Operators make concise and original pop songs, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes harrowing, always interesting.

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Track Name: Never Gonna
I’m never gonna make it to 50
possibly 40, maybe 35
My heart is a cheap slut
my mind is a bad fuck
Little by little it won’t take me by surprise

Saying bye bye bye, gorgeous bye
Who will think my thoughts
Someone else, not myself
Never gonna
Track Name: Tyron Woodley
When I pump my fists I see money explode into houses and all our kids play in the backyard of our dreams
When I move my hips I see funny bursts of sound and the smile on my face placeholds the scream

Going over the edge of it

Shake off all your preconceived and unelected fantasies
oh murderers of evil men
oh lovers of all the beauties
you should want it off the clock
you should thrust outside of history
If there is an inner circle like there are in eyes
or if it's like the oak savanna that we see when we crest the rise
we are always on the outside
going over the edge of it
Track Name: Poundcake
Has there ever been a year a cow has understood
A semiotic atmosphere, encased in a sea of drool
Chilean cabernet’s expressing some doubts
Our summer terroir nonsense
Rant are our bones

Picture a god
Picture a god on a ship singing do-re-mi-fa-so what

Let soothsayers drown
When millionaires weigh a pound

Has there ever been a day a snail hasn’t shat its shell
We’re still alive but so are they
A post-polar inimitable hell

A pair of kids stare at a blood red sky
The Crimson King is going to eat you
Can’t run or hide

Picture a god
Picture a god on a ship singing do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do-fa-so-ti-do
So what

Your skin, your flesh draws me in

Your smell, your glow draws me in
Track Name: Rockstar
Silly boy, it's all been the same
Guitar boy with your band
all the fans cheer from the stands
they're calling your name
Track Name: Hills
In a small town you should relax
And watch the hills get swallowed by the sun
And paint a picture of everyone you love
Hang them up and ignore the sounds of dogs beneath you

Your not a painter, you can’t even draw
Your hand aches; each sketch is the last one
You’ve waited too long, now everyone is gone
You’re left with hills and the wails of rabid dogs beneath you
Track Name: How To Live Forever
Listen my darling boys
Life is not a choice

Sweat pavement tame your tongues
The prats are leaving, they fear the worst thing imagined
Summer night in a field
The monad tree and its leaves screaming oh to

Combine, collide, recombine and crystallize
Scatter your matter across rows of roe and prawns

Trick or treat your mind
Silk candours and young amours you can swim in

Summer night in a field
The monad tree and its leaves screaming for their mother
But leaves don’t have eyes
Please sleep my darling boys, so soundly
Track Name: Treadmill
You can't make me do anything I don't want to do, but the pressure's changed me from coal to diamonds. Now I have more value on the market but I just want to burn

Why we keep on living on a lark
why we never really make a mark

What a whiner
Would you rather be a
brutal actor, like a human needle
would the treadmill come to life beneath you
like a lover in a ceiling mirror

Why we want to look through magic doors
why we think there must be something more
Track Name: Momma's gonna be so proud
It took me hours to reach the point of going out
and when you look my way I whimper in my throat
and when I take you home mom's gonna be so proud
you're just the kind of girl that I can bring around

But I remember how it used to be
how alone I felt. I'm so burned out
that I am less than I had ever dreamed
And then there is tomorrow/the future
Track Name: Becca's Birthday
Baby Becca wanted to throw a party
For all her friends, mostly cats and dogs
The little boxer’s wagging its tail-stump
Dachshund with its shrill glass cry
Look at the doberman’s eyes

We were so young then
With cake and ice cream in the backyard
I am one of those sad sentimental fools
Baby Becca’s kissing a gray hound
The sun is shining up in the sky
Look at the doberman’s eyes
Track Name: Gumming for Summing
drinking bees again for honey
watching screens like babies gumming
golden teddy bears in bow ties
cauliflower ears and hemorrhoids

we crushed a monster in the planter
bed in a wheat field like the painter

sucking stars for communion
eating coins to feel human
Track Name: Self-Portrait with Horns
I want to tell you I feel like a dog in heat
I want to hold you in my arms and let you fall right through

Little flowers blooming in our guts

God was in her mind, only in her mind
Please don't put your hands on her
put them in a rabbit fur
leave her feel alone in there

The air gets dark in the day when the children play
We want to fly like snow whips when the air is dry
Track Name: Stoned
Wait my love though you’ve fire in your hair
Dawn is gone, far beyond any prayer

The final setting sun
Both too old to run
Now and past are gone
We’re stoned

Remember all of our hours at the lake
We smelled of sun, shared our dreams
Wide awake

The final setting sun
Both too old to run
Now and past are gone
We’re stoned